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Given the complex nature of modern-day businesses, organizations must have expert legal counsel to successfully guide their leaders from start to finish. We represent companies from their beginning stages, including formation, corporate governance, and agreements among owners, through their evolution and development, including commercial contracts and agreements, stock agreements and asset purchase agreements, and financing agreements.

Our team at Green Mountain Lawyers consists of skilled lawyers who have plenty of experience in protecting the rights and interests of businesses. Our attorneys have played a crucial role in the formation of numerous successful businesses. We will ensure that your entity formation is a smooth process, giving you expert advice on structuring your business optimally. We will also be there to help if, for any reason, you need to amend or terminate an existing business agreement.

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One thing we have learned from our experience is that the best time to resolve disputes in a multi-membered business is before they have the opportunity to develop. The same rings true for a partnership. By formulating an operating agreement that enables the fair distribution of rights and responsibilities for each of the partners, our attorneys can enable your business to succeed and grow in the right direction.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a contract in business. Every relation a business forms, either with its customers, vendors, or other businesses, is regulated or measured in the light of the initial agreement. A document of such importance must be constructed with care and should not be made using boiler-plate templates. These potential blunders cause problems down the line, such as missing clauses, or terms not adhering to current and updated laws. At Green Mountain Lawyers, we know what specific language to add or remove that will help protect your rights should a conflict arise.

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