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Linda’s upbringing was on a Vermont dairy farm instilled in her a strong work ethic. She spent the first two decades of her life deeply connected to horses and the various animals and pets on the farm. Her experience led her to work as a Veterinary assistant for several years.

Linda married her husband Dave, and had two sons who continue to live and work in their hometown. Linda is also a proud grandmother to Mia, Charlie, Josie, and Fiona, who are actively involved in school, dance, theater, and sports at Lothrop and Otter Valley Schools.

Linda entered the legal field and eventually began working under the mentorship of Peg Flory, who was both an attorney and a member of the Vermont Senate. During this time, she specialized in family law, children’s advocacy, and guardian ad litem (GAL) work. Linda also gained experience in criminal defense before transitioning to real estate and probate work. For the past seven years, she has been working alongside Daniel Ewald and is now excited about her future in real estate with Green Mountain Lawyers.

In her leisure time, Linda enjoys gardening and maintains a substantial vegetable garden on her front lawn. She is also passionate about rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats in need. At present, she has two dogs named Annie and Finley, as well as two cats, Mad Max and Rosie, who help keep her home free from mice and squirrels.